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Link problem with Code::Blocks / TDM / MinGW

Nov 21 '14 at 11:15

I am interested in possibly purchasing some of your products, but I am struggling to get it to compile. I have used your products previously at another company, but it was on Ubuntu with the GCC compiler.

The classes I am trying to use:

The package downloaded from your site:
Chilkat C/C++ Libs for MinGW (32-bit)

Development Environment:
Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
Code::Blocks 13.12 with bundled MinGW
gcc --version: gcc (tdm-1) 4.7.1

I have attached the build log and the build messages.

Should I use a different version of MinGW or a different package?

The link errors include this:

..Libschilkat-9.5.0-mingw32libchilkat-9.5.0.a(CkHttp.o):CkHttp.cpp:(.text+0x5d7): more undefined references to _Unwind_Resume' follow
..\Libs\chilkat-9.5.0-mingw32\libchilkat-9.5.0.a(CkHttp.o):CkHttp.cpp:(.eh_frame+0x13): undefined reference to__gxx_personality_v0'
..Libschilkat-9.5.0-mingw32libchilkat-9.5.0.a(CkMultiByteBase.o):CkMultiByteBase.cpp:(.text+0x63): undefined reference to _Unwind_Resume'
..\Libs\chilkat-9.5.0-mingw32\libchilkat-9.5.0.a(CkMultiByteBase.o):CkMultiByteBase.cpp:(.text+0x426): undefined reference to_Unwind_Resume'
..Libschilkat-9.5.0-mingw32libchilkat-9.5.0.a(CkMultiByteBase.o):CkMultiByteBase.cpp:(.text+0x51e): undefined reference to `_Unwind_Resume'


Whenever you see an unresolved with something like this:


It's an indication that the C++ standard libs are not being linked against. (Maybe you're trying to link a C program?) You may be linking with the C standard libs, but you'll also need to make sure you're linking with the C++ standard libs. Check to see if your "gcc" command at the link stage needs to be something else, or if there's a way to explicitly force linking with the C++ runtime. (In iOS for example, adding an empty .cpp source file is the typical solution)