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Read POP3 Encrypted Email, Decrypt, and Save to .EML in a High Secure Module Environment?

Nov 21 '14 at 11:56

Is it possible to load encrypted emails from a POP3 server and save them as decrypted *.eml file on the hard disk in a High Secure Module environment?

The HSM client is correctly configured on my machine and all necessary keys / certificates are installed in the HSM.

Unfortunately I cannot find a POP3 HSM example on your page.


It's likely possible -- although Chilkat has experienced cases with some HSM's where we could not get it working. (and unfortunately these were not documented so I have no specifics)

If the certificate is installed on the Windows system, there should be no need to call SetDecryptCert. Chilkat should automatically find the required certificate and use it.

The returned email should already be decrypted (assuming you are calling a method that returns a Chilkat.Email / CkEmail object). See this example for how to check the decrypt results: