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Why is the from address showing via bounce mail address

Dec 01 '14 at 09:23


i am sending mails using chilkat some times its showing from address as via bounce mail address as below,

** via <** using (Email email = new Email()) { email.FromAddress = ""; email.FromName = "Account_Services" email.BounceAddress = "" }

Regards, Harish Chepuri.


See the reference documentation for the email.BounceAddress property:

The BounceAddress is the "return-path" address of the email to be used when the email is sent. Bounces (i.e. delivery status notifications, or DSN's) will go to this address.

Note: This is not the content of the "return-path" header for emails that are downloaded from a POP3 or IMAP server. The BounceAddress is the email address to be used in the process of sending the email via SMTP. (See the "SMTP Protocol in a Nutshell" link below.) The BounceAddress is the email address passed in the "MAIL FROM" SMTP command which becomes the "return-path" header in the email when received.

Note: The Sender and BounceAddress properties are identical and perform the same function. Setting the Sender property also sets the BounceAddress property, and vice-versa. The reason for the duplication is that BounceAddress existed first, and developers typically searched for a "Sender" property without realizing that the BounceAddress property served this function.

The Chilkat Bounce object's BounceAddress property may be something different. It depends on whatever automated response was sent by the mail server. If it was a standard DSN (Delivery Status Notification), then it would likely be the same as the email object's Sender/BounceAddress property. Otherwise, it could be the email.From property. The intent of the Bounce object's BounceAddress property is to know the original sender as best as possible given the multitude of ad-hoc / non-standard automated replies that can be received.