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how to handle Danish characters?

Dec 02 '14 at 10:41

Hello Guys.. I am a Microsoft Dynamic NAV developer. My company has purchased a bundle of chilkat components. I am using Active X Chilkat IMAP and Chilkat Email and other associating components.

My aim was to read unread emails from an outlook email address, and create a records in a table in NAV. It work really well, except when it comes to email written in danish.

For each email, i save it on a file. Then read the content of the body and add the content in a table.

But this fails when the characters are in danish. i have even specified the charset, but i think am doing it wrong.

Can you guys help me out to find a solution.? Thanks Heveen


What do you mean by failing? Are the wrong characters showing?

Are you sure you have the right Charset specified?

Can you show some code and provide an example message that is "failing"?