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Can HTTP / 1.0 are enforced?

Dec 03 '14 at 15:36

The way I see HTTP / 1.1 is automatically used in the Chilkat HTTP methods. Can HTTP / 1.0 will be enforced. I have found in the documentation no corresponding property.

Thanks for reply



See the Http.SslProtocol property in the online reference documentation:

This property is enhanced with the upcoming version (, which will be released within a week. I can provide a pre-release if you specify exactly what is needed (programming language, operating system, .NET Framework, VC++ version, Perl version, or anything else required to identify the exact build)


Hm - http.sslprotocol the property I had seen, but nothing of HTTP / 1.0 read. Only TLS 1.0. Is that the same?


Sorry, I misunderstood. You can set the HTTP version to 1.0 for any method that uses the HttpRequest object because there is an HttpVersion property.


Sorry for my confusion, but I can not find any information about the HTTP version for http.GET / PUT / POST methods set.

Only under HttpRequest. But there is 'outdated'