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Imap saveAllAttachments destroys cp1252 filename

Dec 17 '14 at 09:45

SaveAllAttachments interprets accented characters as utf-8 preamble, destroying this character and the next. GetMailAttachFilename returns a different interpretation of the filename, and the two do not match - making it difficult to retrieve the file through the script. A workaround is to set new filenames = getMailAttachFilename before SaveAllAttachments, but the accented characters are then destroyed along with their immediate neighbours. Example: filename = "Øving.pdf" - the document will be saved with a filename "□ing.pdf", and getMailAttachFilename returns "ing.pdf" I develop using Python 2.7 32-bit on a windows server 2008 R2 against an exchange server 2010, and saving the result to a local file/directory. The same results occur when using vbscript. Is there any way I can override the behavour of saveAll.. interpretation of text ? Oh, the reason there is no "lastErrorText" is that there is no error, at least not reported from the chilkat function. Ketil Duna


Make sure you are using the latest version of Chilkat.

If VBScript produces the same behavior, then I assume it is possible to reproduce by loading the .eml into an email object via the LoadEml method, and then calling SaveAllAttachments? If so, then I would only need the .eml to reproduce the problem. Please send the .eml to me in a zipped attachment via email..

But first make sure to check using the latest version of Chilkat.

Also, check by using Mozilla Thunderbird to open the .eml and save attachments. If the same problem exists with Mozilla Thunderbird, then the problem is with the data.