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Upload ActiveX - upload to virtual server

Jan 19 '15 at 04:28

Hi there

I am using your Freeware Upload compoment. It works fine uploading to my production server (Apache/PHP) but I cannot get it work when I upload to a local virtual server (

Any ideas please




Hi Nigel,

Can you post a small snippet of code, and the contents of the LastErrorText property (in <pre></pre> tags) as they are returned immediately after the first failing call to the Upload component?

Also are you sure that is pointing to the local virtual server and that calls from a local browser are successfully going to the local server?


Also, does the component work as expected if you try against the local server by IP address instead of host name?



Log below which was captured after calling BlockingUpLoad()

All other previous calls to the component give


upload works if I use domain ( or ip address (

I have a virtual server but cannot upload to it

the Log...

    DllDate: Aug 15 2013
    UnlockPrefix: NONE
    Username: NIGEL3XS:Nigel
    Architecture: Little Endian; 32-bit
    Language: ActiveX
    VerboseLogging: 0
    Connecting to HTTP server
    port: 80
    Non-SSL connection
      port: 80
      ssl: 0
      maxWaitMs: 30000
      ConnectTimeoutMs_1: 30000
      calling ConnectSocket2
      IPV6 enabled connect with NO heartbeat.
      This is an IPV4 numeric address...
          ai_flags: 4
          ai_family: 2
          ai_socktype: 1
          ai_protocol: 0
          ai_addrlen: 16
          ai_canonname: (NULL)
      Connect using IPV4.
      myPort_3: 59132
      connect successful (2)
        SO_SNDBUF: 8192
        SO_RCVBUF: 8192
        TCP_NODELAY: 0
    numFilesToUpload: 1
    sourceFile: C:CONTROL7DATApvt1.sys
    numBytesSent: 51842
    Upload sent, fetching HTTP response...
    stringCharset: ansi
    stringCharset: ansi
    NumBytesToReceive: 133
    BufferedInSize: 135
    Data already buffered and ready..
    TimeToReceiveMs: Elapsed time: 0 millisec
    NumBytesToReceive: 2
    BufferedInSize: 2
    Data already buffered and ready.
    TimeToReceiveMs: Elapsed time: 0 millisec
    stringCharset: ansi
    stringCharset: ansi


Code snip

Dim upload As New ChilkatUpload
upload.hostname = ""
Msgbox2 upload.LastErrorText
upload.Path = "/php/cs_fileupload.php"
Msgbox2 upload.LastErrorText
Dim f$

Dim Tot& Count& = 0 Dim Success As Long

'Add one or more files to be uploaded. Call upload.AddFileReference("file1[]", mSYS.DirectoryData & "pvt1.sys") Msgbox2 upload.LastErrorText ' Do the upload. The method returns when the upload ' is completed. ' This component also includes asynchronous upload capability, ' which is demonstrated in another example.

Success = upload.BlockingUpload() If (Success <> 1) Then Msgbox2 upload.LastErrorText Else Dim x% x = TOpenFile("c:ERRORV.TXT", "O", 1, 1) Print #x, upload.LastErrorText Close #x Msgbox2 upload.LastErrorText Msgbox2 upload.ResponseStatus

End If


Is the return code from BlockingUpload 0? or something else? I ask because the LastErrorText indicates Success as far as I can tell.

Also, I see you aren't using the latest version of the Chilkat library, can you try again with and see if it works? It might be a bug that has already been fixed.



Return code is 1 whether I upload to or

I will download and install the latest version Thanks



I have downloaded and registered the newer verion. One question...

I am currently using several chilkat components in my project and have all the relevant components ticked in references.

Do I need to remove them from my project and check the reference to the newly installed DLL (which is shown)



I have installed the newer version I have deselected the Upload component from references I have selected the new all-in-one-dll

The problem still persists, I cannot upload to my virtual server's Upload folder (works fine for the actual domain)


Thanks for your help on this. I think the issue is with the configuration of sub domains / virtual servers on my server box.

I am moving the app to a hosted company, so should be able to check functionality once installed

thank you for your support