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How to text (Plain/HTML) with Email.Createreply

Feb 08 '15 at 11:53

Greetings, i am trying to auto reply to email with some text (either paling/text)

but none of those works..

after i create new instance of email object using. previousobject.createreply.

then try :

new email object.body = "XX"

new email object.appendtobody ("Xxx") nothing works..

it's only reply with old text ;(

any help please? best regards


As far as I can tell, creating a reply will automatically include the original message after whatever you set in the Body property.. I suspect this is a feature not a bug.

For example, if the original message Body is "Hello"

Then you call CreateReply and set the Body property to "Goodbye"

Your new message will have the following Body:


From: Sent: To: Subject: Hello



thanks for your reply sir..

but when you call create reply method it's generate/produce another email object.

and when i add boy to that object.. it's don't show that body/new text.

i hope i am clear?

thanks in advance...

best regards


here is the image about the result:

Autol Reply Image

best regards


Okay, so I've tried again (with IMAP and what I've found is that it seems you have to concat the existing Body in order for Body changes to take effect. Not sure why this is (it "feels" like you should be able to change the body text of a reply if you really want to, but Chilkat will have more insight into this decision).

Anyway, something like this appears to work:

Set lo_Reply = lo_Email.CreateReply
lo_Reply.Body = "Here's my reply, followed by the quoted message." & vbNewLine & lo_Reply.Body

Just setting the Body property appears to have no result.


so, there is now solution?


still nothing? and @jpbro.. your source code seems it works on vb6 did you tried on


what about chilkat? chilkat has nothing to say about it?


hello? chilkat where are you? please help me out?