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How to Implement OAUTH2 Client Authentication?

Feb 09 '15 at 12:28

How can I use Chilkat to authentication with a server using OAUTH2? I see the the Chilkat Http.G_SvcOauthAccessToken method for getting an OAUTH2 access token from the Google API, but I want to implement OAUTH2 in general for other sites.


OAuth2 requires a means to obtain an access token. Typically, this is done interactively using a web-browser w/ redirects to the site that is the owner of the resource to be accessed. See

Using the Chilkat API alone would not be able to obtain an access token because of the interactivity required. The exception is if the resource owner provides a programmatic means, such as what Google API does, to obtain an access token. Chilkat implemented Google's method for obtaining a Google API access token because it is commonly used. For other resources that might provide a programmatic means for obtaining an access token, you would need to implement it directly using Chilkat HTTP and Chilkat RSA for the signing.