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How to get the SFTP upload progress for MAC OS X

Feb 23 '15 at 01:50

Hello chilkat, i have purchased chilkat lib for MAC OS X. I am uploading my local zip files to my server using chilkat's sftp upload. I want to know how to get the progress value of current SFTP upload .

Before that i referenced this link to retrieve the upload percentage. But i am not clear with the suggested answer and event callback. So please provide the complete solution to get the upload percentage in SFTP upload.


Accepted Answer

The pattern for creating event callbacks, such as percentage completion, is shown at the web page you already referenced here: Chilkat Objective-C event callbacks.

Everything is the same.

Instead of "CkoHttpProgress" (as shown in the example), you use "CkoSFtpProgress".


SFTP does not have the methods, only way is to use the ftp Async method, and there are special methods to accomplish that.