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Some files don't transfer

Feb 27 '15 at 11:04

Hi Guys

So here is my strange bizarre problem.

I'm using 2012 with Chilkat 9.5, 32 bit

I'm sending -- tif -- files to my client FTP server.

I used mputfile function.

My problem is: ONLY Files starting with the letters PL dont pass (e.a. PL12345.tif).

If I change the name of the files it's delivered .

I try to pass it with the function putfile one by one, some time it pass most of the time it dont (1 in 10)

Put a thread sleep, sending messages to delay execution ...

Only the files that start with the letters PL don't pass

If I transfer thru FileZilla all files passes.



Show your command, also get a detail log,

Does the file already exist on server??? ie replace vs add?


So this is my last version:

Dim IOFolder As New IO.DirectoryInfo(stringLocalDirectory)

If IOFolder.GetFiles.Length > 0 Then

Dim IOFilesList As IO.FileInfo() = IOFolder.GetFiles()

For Each stringFTPFilter In ArrayFilter

  For Each IOFile As IO.FileInfo In IOFilesList

    If IOFile.Extension = Right(stringFTPFilter, Len(stringFTPFilter) - 1) Then

      mymessage += IntegerFileCount & " - " & IOFile.ToString() & vbCrLf

      IntegerFileCount += ChilkatFtpClient.PutFile(stringLocalDirectory & IOFile.ToString(), IOFile.ToString())


      mymessage += IntegerFileCount & " - " & IOFile.ToString() & vbCrLf

     End If



End If

I'm always adding, making sure that the files don't exist in the Destination.

My original coding was :

IntegerFileCount += ChilkatFtpClient.MPutFiles(stringLocalDirectory & stringFileExtension)

Which detail log are talking about???