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next smtp command issued with out waiting for server's response

Mar 14 '15 at 15:52

I found out new version of will send next Smtp command without waiting for response from server. This will cause some problems. Can I turn it off?

It will affect SmtpSessionLog too.

Is this a new feature? SMTP: Improved performance through the automatic (internal) use of pipelining


Chilkat will look at this in the coming week, and will also consider adding a property to turn the pipelining feature on/off.


When failed to send email, I need to know the right lastsmtpstatus and lastsmtpcommandresponse. Now I cannot get it from get_lastsmtpstatus and smtpsessionlog. This is very important when failed to send email. Can you give me the right lastsmtp status and lastsmtpcommandresponseresponse?


The new feature of automatic (internal) use of pipelining did help performance, after I tested it, but what I want is the righ last smtp status and the last smtp command response/request because I need the right last smtp status and last smtp command response/request step to do the right failure processing, such as greylisting. This is very important for email sending process. Now the new version cannot get the righ last smtp status and smtpsessionlog was mixed up with next smtp command/response. Can you help me to get right last smtp status and maybe add new properties for getting last smtp command issued and the last smtp command response (I used to parse smtpsessionlog to get the last smtp command/response)? Now, I have to use the older version and may need to find other solution from 3rd part library. I had been very happy to use Chilkat CkMailMan for many years and served many customers. I don't want to give up.