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Revocation and CRL file

Mar 12 '15 at 17:29

Hello, How can you check that a certificate is no revoked, when you have a CRL file? What are the revocation lists used by CheckRevoked and Revoked? Best regards, Dennis


Chilkat has been working on a PEM class, and it can load the CRL file and then convert it to XML. Enough of this class is implemented that you may do this. Once I know the exact build you need, I can provide more details and a download..


I use the ActiveX 32bits Windows version. Using the new GetExtensionAsXml on the Cert class may be a solution, but a direct properly (or a specific class) would be great. Do you need a CRL example?


Here are the new ActiveX pre-release downloads:

32-bit Download:
64-bit Download:

The new PEM class reference is here:

Remember: At this point the PEM class is incomplete. The ToPem method (at the time of this post) is not implemented internally. The other methods are implemented, and more methods and properties will be added. For your task, you would load the PEM file into a string variable, and then pass the PEM string to LoadPem. Then call AsnToXml to get the XML for the CRL.