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Email priority

Mar 17 '15 at 07:32


When receiving emails, can't find 'Priority' property - to tell me if incoming email is High importance or Low importance.

Can someone help?


Accepted Answer

Does calling .GetHeaderField("Priority") return the value you are looking for? If not, are you sure that the message has a Priority header item?


Thanks. I was short on time... The 1st Google result is this URL:

It discusses the header field in detail -- but it's not "Priority", it's "X-Priority".

You can add the X-Priority header field and give it the value string "1″. For example: email.AddHeaderField "X-Priority","1″ This is the most common way of setting the priority of an email. "3″ is normal, and "5″ is the lowest. "2″ and "4″ are in-betweens, and frankly I’ve never seen anything but "1″ or "3″ used. Microsoft Outlook adds these header fields when setting a message to High priority:

X-Priority: 1 (Highest)
X-MSMail-Priority: High
Importance: High 


Google is your friend... Google "chilkat email priority"