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EmailBundle.SaveXml issue

Mar 24 '15 at 22:32


While testing this function l am having an issue which l am hoping someone can answer - and yes l have Googled and looked through the forums).

  1. Read all emails into EmailBundle.
  2. Confirmed 5 emails in bundle
  3. Save EmailBundle into xml file
  4. Retrieve Emailbundle using LoadXml()
  5. Issue - only returns ONE email

Thanks for any help,


Accepted Answer

Here are the builds:

32-bit Download:
64-bit Download:


Thanks! I did reproduce the problem with v9.5.0.48. I'm working on a fix right now..


I haven't been able to reproduce the issue here (tested with, VB6/ActiveX library). My saved bundle of 9 messages reloaded with 9 messages as expected.

A few of things:


I've solved the problem. What is the exact build you need? (programming language, operating system, .NET Framework, VC++ version, or whatever else might apply..)