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ChilkatZipEntry Filename Path Separator Behaviour 9.4 vs. 9.5

Apr 01 '15 at 07:43

I've been migrating some old software off of 9.4 to, and I've hit a snag with a change to the path separators in the ChilkatZipEntry object.

In <9.4 the Filename property would return backslash separated paths (on Windows at least, using the ActiveX library). Now it appears to return forward-slash separated paths. I had a quick look through some of the release notes, and didn't see anything (only got as far back as though).

It's easy enough to program around this, but I don't want to if this is a regression that will be fixed (forcing me to change back).

Accepted Answer

It should be that forward-slash paths are always stored in a .zip when it is written. My guess is that the conversion from backslashes to forward slashes happens earlier in the newer version than the old. I think returning only forward-slash paths is the only consistent behavior going forward.