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Passing command-line options to the auto-run setup program of a self-extracting EXE?

Sep 13 '12 at 10:44

Are the command line arguments passed to a self-extracting zip archive created using Chilkat passed through to the auto-run setup program? Do we have to do any configuration at creation time for this?


You do not need to do anything at create-time. The standard command-line options for a Chilkat self-extracting EXE are shown below. The arguments passed to your setup program are specified in the "-ap" option.

Chilkat Self-Extracting EXE Runtime Options

-ap "arg1 arg2 ..."
Specify command-line arguments passed to the auto-run setup program. Using -ap at runtime will override any auto-run arguments specified at create-time via the zip.AutoRunParams property.

-unzipDir "unzipDirPath"
Executables produced by the WriteExe method automatically recognize the -unzipDir command line option, allowing it to be extracted into a specific directory without user intervention. The -unzipDir option will override other create-time options embedded within the .EXE.

-log "logFilePath"
Creates a log file which can be sent to if problems are encountered.

-pwd "password"
Provides a password for encrypted self-extracting EXE's