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FTP Resume progress reporting

Apr 23 '15 at 15:58

I found the FTP resume file downloading has false failure reporting result when the progress reporting is enabled (no problem if the progress reporting is disabled).

For example: If the FTP file download is interrupted at 20%, the progress reporting will start from 0% again when the download is resumed. The FTP GetFile() API reported false (download failed) even though the file downloading is completed.

If the progress reporting is disabled, the GetFile() API will return true (download success) when the file downloading (resumed) is completed.

Is this expected behavior when performing file resume through FTP?


Michael, Thanks. It should begin at 20%. I'll have a look and will make the fix (tomorrow). What version of the .NET Framework do you use?



This new build should fix the problem:

32-bit Download:
64-bit Download:

If, for example, 20% of the file is already downloaded, and GetFile is called to resume the download, then the percent done callback will begin at 20% and go to 100%.

** There is a new PercentDoneScale property in this pre-release of v9.5.0.49 that does the following:

Sets the value to be defined as 100% complete for the purpose of PercentDone event callbacks. The defaut value of 100 means that at most 100 event PercentDone callbacks will occur in a method that (1) is event enabled and (2) is such that it is possible to measure progress as a percentage completed. This property may be set to larger numbers to get more fine-grained PercentDone callbacks. For example, setting this property equal to 1000 will provide callbacks with .1 percent granularity. For example, a value of 453 would indicate 45.3% competed. This property is clamped to a minimum value of 10, and a maximum value of 100000.