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libchilkat-9.5.0 under Centos 6.5

Apr 28 '15 at 09:15

I am preparing to build a version of our software under Centos 6.5 using 9.5.0, and when I compile it, I get the following message:

“undefined reference to __fdelt_chk@GLIBC2.15”

and "undefined reference to 'memcpy@GLIBC_2.1.4'

I guess the current library version doesn’t support Centos 6.5 but I couldn’t find any links to earlier versions to use (or the links I found were broken).

Can you give me any hints about how to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance +++


Laurence, the Chilkat C++ libs for Linux/CentOS are built with glibc 2.11.3. This should be valid for a system having glibc 2.12.

(You can find the version of glibc on your Linux/CentOS box by typing "ldd --version")

The Embedded/ARM Linux C/C++ Libs are built with gnueabi (and other) toolchains and the glibc's for those are dependent on the toolchain.

If you downloaded the Linux C/C++ libs from here:, I don't see how you could be getting anything related to the errors described above. (Don't download the one for RHEL4 -- that's for a much older system.)


I checked the version I was using and found that the error occurred because the libChilkat.a file I was using was the wrong version - now everything is working fine.

Thanks for the help!


Thanks Laurence! I do recall a version some years back (I can't remember exactly when), where the Linux build computer updated to a new version of Linux and the glibc became newer -- and this caused problems such as what you experienced. That build was only out for a short time. Since then, Chilkat is very careful not to upgrade the Linux boxes where builds occur, and if a future version of Linux becomes incompatible with the glibc currently used, then Chilkat will maintain the old, but also provide an alternative for the new. (So far, that has not happened.)