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SFTP Rename timeout with log " Timeout waiting to read socket or accept connection"

May 20 '15 at 07:42

We start getting the below error message when trying to archive old file using the rename command, after changing the timeout parameter from 5 seconds to 20 seconds, the process finished successfully but we would like to know what could be causing the issue as the process always finished within 5 seconds before Please advise, thank you.

The version we are using is

RenameFile: DllDate: Sep 10 2010 UnlockPrefix: COLONISSH Username: A_USR_INFORMATICA_P Component: .NET 2.0 SshVersion: SSH-2.0-CerberusFTPServer_6.0 SftpVersion: 6 oldFilename: /export/CFSGAM/CRD.AU_POSITION.Trade.0000248225 newFilename: /export/CFSGAM/Processed/CRD.AU_POSITION.Trade.0000248225 sendPacket: packetType: SSH_FXP_RENAME m_curServerWinSize: 2147483092 sendMessage: msgName: CHANNEL_DATA unpaddedLength: 139 remainder: 11 paddingLen: 5 totalSize: 144 readPacket2a: readPacket: loopIdx: 1 readChannelData: clientChannelNum: 0 totalTimeoutMs: 0 bCheckQueue: 1 bReadExtendedData: 0 bSkipExtendedData: 1 idleTimeoutMs_1: 0 calledFrom: 103 bReadOneRaw: 0 Timeout waiting to read socket or accept connection timeoutMs: 10000 SSH read failed... Failed to read packet. Failed to read expected status response. Failed.


You're using a very old version of Chilkat. Update to the latest version and check to see if the problem remains.