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SFTP to mainframe, need to issue a command.

Jun 04 '15 at 21:20

Hi, we are uploading a file to a mainframe using the Chilkat SSH/SFTP component. We need to send the following command to the mainframe before the upload: site lrecl=4080 recfm=fb cyl pri=15 sec=10

Is there any way of doing this? I see that the quote command is available on the FTP2 component, but not on the SSH/SFTP. This question has been asked a couple of times in this forum but no responses have been provided.

I would greatly appreciate your help!


Is the Mainframe open to the outside world?

Normally Mainframes hide behind the firewall.


The whole transfer is done on a intranet.


So that is behind the firewall, and you can use ftp safely.

My thinking is that sftp does not support quote, it is kind off a strange animal.


Is this dataset cataloged? Then you do not need the site command. Have you tried that? Now a generation dataset does need the Parms.


I am thinking that the mainframe maybe a legacy system. FTP is probably the easiest solution but may not be implemented for security or other reasons. The SSH component has the ChannelSendString method that may work. I am not sure how you would then tie a SSH session to a SFTP session to upload your files.