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FTP2 with Windev

Jun 04 '15 at 06:56


I have just downloaded to use it with Windev. I have choosen to use the dll and not the ActiveX to avoid installation.

I can connect to the FTP server, but I can't get any file.

Here is a piece of code that give strange result :

i est un entier //integer j est un entier k est un entier l est un entier Err est une chaƮne UNICODE sur 255 //unicode string

i = AppelDLL32("ChilkatDelphiXE","CkFtp2_GetDirCount",:HCkFtp2) //i=5 : 3 dir and 2 files, that's correct POUR j=0 _A_ i-1 k = AppelDLL32("ChilkatDelphiXE","CkFtp2__getFilename",:HCkFtp2,j) Transfert(&Err,k,255*2) //Err contains the name of the dir or the file, works fine //wrong l value is always -1 l = AppelDLL32("ChilkatDelphiXE","CkFtp2_GetSizeByName",:HCkFtp2,&Err)

And if I try to use GetFile, result is always 0.

Any idea to find the problem ?



Accepted Answer

I answer to myself. I finally found the problem : I didn't use the UnlockComponent method.