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FTP2 component problem in method SyncRemoteTree2

Sep 17 '12 at 11:14

There are two extreme side of problems faced by us.

1) In the "CKFtp2 C++" component, we are using the "SyncRemoteTree2" method to upload "files and folders" to the ftp server from a local folder.

In some cases ( may be where there is a problem of irregular connection / disconnection ) the "SyncRemoteTree2" method return us "success", when the upload of any file is even not started. We are trying to recheck by sending the same command again in "bPreviewOnly" mode. But the response is "success". The problem is not repeatable.

Is there any other way to confirm or compare the local files/folder with remote folder ?

2) On the second client ( OS is winxp, windows firewall off )

"SyncRemoteTree2" method returned true. The files are physically uploaded to the FTP server. We called the "SyncRemoteTree2" again (to overcome the 1st problem) to recheck the files existence in "bPreviewOnly" mode, We are getting the return as, all files pending for upload.

This problem is repeatable at client end, on another machine. Client does not have any other service provider to test. But it is not repeatable with us or with other clients.

In both the cases, there are no any connection or other errors, so I can not provide the error log also.


Unfortunately, there is not enough information in your post to understand the cause of the problem. The only thing I can say for now is to (1) make sure you are using the very latest version of Chilkat, and (2) provide the contents of the LastErrorText property captured after calling SyncRemoteTree2.