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Using CID to embed image from documentation Example

Jun 10 '15 at 04:04

I'm trying the example given here

The only thing I have had to change from the demo is put an absolute reference for the image loc

 Dim contentIdStarfish As String = email.AddRelatedFile("C:\ImageLoc\screenGrabImage.jpg")

However now the email is received, the file is attached, but there is a "missing image" block in the body where the image is supposed to be in the body of the mail?

How can the relative addressing work? Assuming the example is correct... or what else could be wrong?



The documentation at has an error.

The CID in <img src=""CID:CONTENT_ID_STARFISH"" is wrong.

It needs to be in lowercase to work.

<img src=""cid:CONTENT_ID_STARFISH"" works in Outlook webmail and Outlook desktop