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bridging header issue

Jun 19 '15 at 21:37

I must be missing something and have something set up wrong.

Here is my issue. I'm working in swift and have built the universal library and statically attached it, I added the other linker flags. So I think I got it right.

I then was trying to follow the IMAP examples and tried to use the CkoImap() method start the IMAP connection. Well at first tI could compile because the header files name was wrong. I assumed the file name would be CkoImap.h, but it can find that file in the 9.0.5 down load. I found a CkImap.h instead. I make the assuption that the new version changed the file name and adjusted accordingly.

Well no I have 37 compiling error on the header files that relate to quite a few .h files.

What am I doing wrong?

Accepted Answer

Google the error message. I did and found this:


I downloaded by the Chilkat iOS libs ( and the Mac OS X libs for Objective-C ( and opened each downloaded .zip with 7-Zip. The Cko*.h headers are present and located in the "include" directory as expected.


Thanks. My assumption was wrong. Found the headers in the include directory as soon as I looked at the file structure again...

However I guess I must be using the bridging header wrong. Once I moved the library into the project folder and rebuilt I got 560 errors. The are aimed at the two header files I put in the bridging file.

How do I use the bridging header file?


See the information here: