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Linking CkFtp2 for iOS App store distribution

Jul 02 '15 at 22:11

Hi, I have built an app with CKFtp2 for iOS and all is working well. The problem I am getting now is how to submit to the app store as the app store requires multi linking?? The target architecture for my app is amrv7 and arm64. When debugging and testing the app I just changed the linker search path to point to either the arm64 lib or the armv7 lib, and only built the active architecture.

But now when I go to submit to the app store, and need to create a distribution for all architectures in one package. If I set the search path for the lib to the armv7 .a the linker complains that there is no arm64. Conversely if I set the search path to the arm64 .a the linker complains that there is no armv7.

How do I instruct xcode to use the arm64 lib when building for arm64 and to use the armv7 lib when building for armv7 when building for multiple architectures?

Many thanks Rob Beck


Build a Universal Chilkat static lib as described here: