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Socket / SSL Component Support SSL Protocol Version 3.0 ?

Aug 14 '15 at 08:27

Hello I am interested in your product Socket / SSL Component, But My Project is necessary use SSL Protocol Version 3.0 . This product can support SSL Protocol Version 3.0 ? Please Advise me.


According to the Socket documentation, it does support SSL 3.0. See the following:

SslProtocol As String

Selects the secure protocol to be used for secure (SSL/TLS) connections. Possible values are:

    TLS 1.2
    TLS 1.1
    TLS 1.0
    SSL 3.0
    TLS 1.2 or higher
    TLS 1.1 or higher
    TLS 1.0 or higher

The default value is "default" which will choose the, which allows for the protocol to be selected dynamically at runtime based on the requirements of the server. Choosing an exact protocol will cause the connection to fail unless that exact protocol is negotiated. It is better to choose "X or higher" than an exact protocol. The "default" is effectively "SSL 3.0 or higher".