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German special characters (ä, ö, ü) in e-mail address?

Aug 20 '15 at 11:06

Hello There,

question: Can it be that Chilkat mail no German special characters (ä, ö, ü) can be processed in mail address? An error occurs is missing the mail address.

With Oulook but can easily be sent to a mail info@mü (eighth to "ü" in the address) Mail address is being so fine.

Thanks for all the answers Wolfgang

Accepted Answer

Of course you would need an update. It'll be in the v9.5.0.52 release.. (or if you tell me what you need -- programming language, operating system, .NET Framework, Perl version, MSVC++ version or whatever exactly specifies the single build you need, I'll try to provide it..)


I'll give it a test. You may receive some test emails..


Meanwhile, I've read a lot about "Punycode". Could it be related to?


OK... I have the punycode implementation completed and tested. The conversion of info@mü to punycode is:

If you pass the string "" as the email address (instead of "info@mü"), then it works. I'll have Chilkat automatically convert 8bit email addresses to punycode form. The "xn--" is a prefix intended to notify the SMTP server that the address is punycode..

The general-purpose punycode methods will be available in CkString..


Thank you for your efforts. Does this mean now that I have to pass by my application the mail address with the already translated to the Punycode AddTo method?

From my address database ?

Or who makes the Punycode-conversion ?

What does it mean "The general-purpose Punycode methods will be available in CkString .." ?


No, you may pass "info@mü" to AddTo and Chilkat will automatically notice that it has 8bit chars and will do the punycode conversion internally.

The general purpose punycode conversion methods are completely separate, and aren't needed for the SMTP purpose. They're there for any other unrelated punycode needs..


Um - how is that possible without an update for the DLL? Runs the mail traffic through a Chilkat server, or how could you make a change?