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Problem to write German Char's like Ö,Ä,Ü etc. in an XML content

Aug 20 '15 at 09:52

When I write "Österreich" via the newchild2-function from the Chilkat-XML I only get "Österreich". How can i solve that problem?

Accepted Answer

When you see 2 garbage characters in place of a single German (8bit) char, it means the 2 bytes of the utf-8 representation of the German char are being interpreted as two individual 1-byte ANSI (iso-8859-1 / Windows-1252) represented chars.

The error can be in one of two places:

1) Your simply looking at the output in a program (editor, terminal, or whatever) that is interpreting the bytes as ANSI, when you really have utf-8, and the program SHOULD be interpreting the bytes as utf-8.


2) You passed the utf-8 byte representation to a Chilkat C++ method (I assume C++?) but the method is expecting "const char *" to be ANSI.



Thank's for the fast answer. It's solved. The problem was the editor.