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Why does Fiddler not Show transaction from HTTP.PostURLEncoded?

Aug 27 '15 at 14:22


I am trying to debug some https traffic using Fiddler2 but nothing shows in Fiddler when I use the PostURLEncoded method in the http library. I am using the ActiveX component on Windows 2012 Server. I can see traffic if I use the browser of if I use a different http component. So why does https traffic not show in Fiddler when using the Chilkat http component?

I tried

netsh winhttp set proxy

but i made no difference



I believe Fiddler is a plugin to the browser -- it's getting information directly from the browser. It's not aware of other programs, nor is it a protocol analyzer like Wireshark, which catches all traffic in/out of the computer (for the given interface being watched).


I found the UseIEProxy property and set it to 1 and then Fiddler was able to show the traffic.