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Problem with EML file (saving) // characters are being injected

Sep 08 '15 at 09:05

We have been trying to contact Chilkat support for a while now but to no avail; our emails/requests are not answered for some reason. So now I am trying this forum - perhaps someone can help!

We use Chilkat libraries in our own software and we are experiencing some issues:

When an email is captured with our software component (which uses Chilkat IMAP libraries) from an exchange server a strange symbol/control message is injected into the EML file. Opening up the file we see a "DC4" character injected into the (beginning of the) file, like so: r<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

This behaviour only happens when the email is captured from a specific sender, and only this sender. While the email message is sitting in the email folder waiting for the IMAP component: - If you download the attachment it is fine - If you forward the email to someone, the attachment is fine - If the email is forwarded to me, then I respond back with the attachment still attached, the email is processed by IMAP correctly

We have tried to isolate the problem and here is what our internal developers stated: "...On one hand, the problem looks like a bug in the Chilkat library which we use for work with IMAP. It appears that Chilkat, when reads the email and marks it as read on server, corrupts certain attachments. On the other hand, I was unable to get the same behaviour in my environment: when I put the original emails into in-box, they are then retrieved correctly by IMAP Capture. As such, we cannot go to Chilkat Support because the problem does not repeat on our side. Were you or someone else able to reproduce the issue?"

" appears that when Chilkat saves emails as .eml files, it modifies them, so attachments in the .eml files are already corrupted. Can we please find a way to extract original emails as .eml from the server, so that we could try processing them on our side in order to reproduce the problem here? One of possibilities to do this is use Outlook Express or other email client which allows saving emails as .eml (as opposed to Outlook)."

Maybe someone has an idea? Any help would be greatly appreciated!



It is likely the utf-8 preamble (BOM). Your support has been long expired, and Chilkat has responded to you with this information in the past.

I'm very sorry I have to respond in this way, but it's become necessary because Chilkat needs to focus more on developing new products, new features, and supporting new platforms. Unfortunately, too much time has been spent on a large number of out-of-support customers.

If your support has been expired for more than 3-months, a simple renewal is no longer an option. The license would need to be repurchased.

NOTE: Chilkat responds to cases it deems as a likely bug in the software -- regardless of whether support is expired or not. 99% of customer problems are not bugs in Chilkat. Chilkat evaluates and decides whether something is likely to be a bug or not.

(For example, just prior to writing this response, an issue involving loading DKIM/RSA private keys was resolved. Chilkat pursued this fix without ever inquiring about support -- because it was clearly a bug in Chilkat.)