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Email object Russian UTF-8 decoding

Sep 25 '15 at 09:08


We have e-mails from Russia that do not show Russian text properly. In the Mime text it says for example: "Subject: =?utf-8?Q?Re:_=D0=BE=D0=BF=D0=BB=D0=B0=D1=82=D0=B0?=". When I double click the .eml file it is opened in Outlook 2013 and the correct subject is shown in Russian characters, which is: "Re: оплата". But when I read the .eml in a Chilkat Email object, the subject is "Re: ??????". Why does the Chilkat Email object not recognise the correct language and return the subject properly? What steps would I have to take to make this happen? Also, in the e-mail body all Russian text is displayed as question marks.

Thank you very much for your help.