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Chilkat Mail_Trial

Oct 08 '15 at 06:54

Hi, I am using chilkat mail components for one of my project. I am using only the trial pack of it. When i attempt to host it, it does not work. Can anyone tell what am i doing wrong?


What isn't working? What language, and what do you mean by "host" it? There's not enough information in your post for anyone to be able to help unfortunately.


Hey, Sorry!

I am using Chilkat mail component trial pack (C# Asp.Net framework 4 project). It is installed in local environment. When we execute it from local it works just fine. That is email is sent properly. Now that when we publish the source and moved it to testing environment. It is not working. Emails are not sent within the IIS.

Is it the reason because i am using the trial pack? please advice