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Network Solutions Email Bundle is misread

Nov 03 '15 at 18:03

Has anyone found that Network Solutions stopped being able to be accessed through 'bundle = mailman.TransferMail' call.

Last Error Message contains:

FetchFullEmail: PopCmdSent: RETR 1 PopCmdResp: -ERR not that many messages Non-success POP3 response status line Failed to fetch full email for message number 1

Authentication looks fine:

Pop3Authenticate: username: popSPA: 0 APOP is supported. PopCmdSent: USER PopCmdResp: +OK PopCmdSent: PASS **** PopCmdResp: +OK POP3 authentication success

Any idea of what I can ask Network Solutions about what changed?


When TransferMail is called, the emails are downloaded and returned in the EmailBundle object AND the emails are deleted from the POP3 server. It makes no sense to try to call FetchFullEmail because:

  1. The email has already been deleted.
  2. The full email is already available in the EmailBundle (returned by TransferMail).

I would highly recommend to avoid using the TransferMail method -- especially if the mailbox contains a large number of emails. It's better to call CopyMail to download the emails without deleting, and then delete if all is OK. But still, if your mailbox might contain a large number of emails, I think it's best to avoid both CopyMail and TransferMail, and download emails one at a time (see or perhaps call FetchMultiple to fetch chunks of emails at a time (see