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What does UnSpamify do?

Nov 10 '15 at 11:15

The CkEmail library has a method called, unSpamify. Realizing it has something to do with SPAM and looking up the definition of "obfuscate" as listed in the description... what exactly does this method do? I can't find any examples or documentation about it.



Accepted Answer

Thanks jpbro. :-)

That's not what it does. The UnSpamify method does not change the URL or the HTML displayed content. It removes HTML comments, and it un-obfuscates URLs what were obscured with encoding.

HTML comments can be used to break up words. For example: VIA<!-- Write your comments here -->GRA

Also see:


The documentation says:

void UnSpamify(void);

Unobfuscates emails by undoing what spammers do to obfuscate email. It removes comments from HTML bodies and unobfuscates hyperlinked URLs.

My assumption would be re: onfuscated URLs, the function would turn this:

<a href=''>Friendly Website</a>

Into something like:

<a href=''&gt;</a>

So you can more easily tell where a link is pointing.