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How to upload a file on s3 with progress meter using vbscript

Nov 23 '15 at 08:05

How to upload a file on s3 with progress meter. I am also using download functionality and its working fine. Now I need to upload files with progress meter please help using vb6 or vbscript.


Test with the latest version of Chilkat.

There's a conundrum with percent-done progress monitoring with HTTP. Does one monitor the percent-done of sending the request, or receiving the response? Typically, one side is large, and the other side is small and insignificant. For uploads, the request should be monitored. For downloads, it is the response that should be percent-done tracked. It is impossible to combine them -- because one doesn't know the size of the response until the response header is received (where the Content-Length header indicates the length of the forthcoming response body). Of course, if the response is in "chunked" format, there is no Content-Length header and it's impossible to know how much response data will be forthcoming, and thus it's impossible to monitor progress from a percent-done perspective.

That being said... Chilkat historically monitored percent-done for the response regardless of the HTTP request. In more recent versions, Chilkat makes smarter decisions about which side is to be percent-done tracked. For multipart/form-data or for requests with a large enough request body, Chilkat will monitor percent-done for the request rather than the response. That's why I say: Test with the latest version..


Is there any example for the same?