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error when trying to load certificate to ChilkatCert component (ActiveX)

Nov 26 '15 at 06:09


I'm trying to load a certificate from users certstore.

Dim certStore As New ChilkatCertStore
certStore.OpenCurrentUserStore (True)

Result of NumCertificates is 5 -> so 5 certs are found - ok!

But by doing the next step, I always get back an error:

Dim cert As New ChilkatCert
cert = certStore.GetCertificate(1)

(1) is just an example of course...

Error: Error (438) Object doesn't support this property or method

I'm using Chilkat v9.5

Maybe it is wrong how todo the cert load from the certificate store to the cert chilkat component...

Whats wrong here?

Thanks a lot and kr, Martin


Just for info - I found a solution - my code was wrong.

instead of cert = certStore.GetCertificate(1) it should be set cert = certStore.GetCertificate(1)

Thats it.

KR, Martl