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What is the version of CkDateTime in bundle version

Dec 01 '15 at 07:15


We are using Chilkat Bundle (Java) version and we would like to use method GetDtObj of module CkDateTime. However, there is not such method in the Chilkat Bundle that we downloaded. In the documentation it is stated (for CkDateTime#GetDtObj(...)): "Introduced in version", so we would expect to be able to use this method as we have version of the Bundle. Also, we cannot determine the version of CkDateTime because it does not have a method Version(...) like in some other modules.

Question: Do we have to download CkDateTime separately because it is a freeware class? Where? Or? ....

Thank you for any comments! Cheers, Rui


All classes in a single Chilkat DLL, .so, static lib, etc. will always be the same version. Therefore, the version of CkDateTime is


I would expect that too. But how come we cannot call GetDtObj() in the Java component? We see this in the documentation:

CkDtObj GetDtObj(boolean bLocal);

Introduced in version

Gets the date/time as a Chilkat "Dt" object.