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Use Aladdin EToken for Sending Signed Email?

Dec 06 '15 at 21:37

I want to sign mail with Etoken (aladdin). I am using web platform. Which product is suitable for me?

Also Etoken that I used does not allow me to get (or extract) the private key.

Etoken is doing processes using private key in itself.


The Chilkat Email product can automatically utilize certificates that have associated private keys that reside on an eToken (such as Aladdin). The Chilkat MailMan object can sign emails in the SendEmail and RenderToMime methods. The Chilkat Mime object can also create PKCS7 signed mime. In all cases, Chilkat will automatically find the certificate in the Windows certificate store, and it will see that the private is not exportable. In that case, it will relegate the signing to the Microsoft CryptoAPI which will automatically use the Aladdin CSP to do the signing. Here are a few notes about it:

  1. Chilkat can only utilize the eToken on a Windows computer or server. The certificate should have been pre-installed into the default certificate store (likely the Current User certificate store).
  2. No additional application code is required to use the eToken. Chilkat will automatically find and use it.
  3. You may notice that Chilkat offers classes such as Csp and KeyContainer. Avoid them. They are not necessary and will eventually be deprecated.
  4. All of the online examples (at that show how to sign email or send signed email will also apply to using a certificate where the private key is on an eToken. No changes should be necessary.