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imap and appendmail

Mar 31 '16 at 07:46

Hi, from a few days I receive this error but the email and attachment is correctly present into imap folder. Same problem with latest version of ChilkatDotNet2 The sessionlog is empty. Have you an idea? Thank you!

09/12/2015 10:16:25 AppendMail ChilkatLog:
    DllDate: Sep 10 2010
    Component: .NET 2.0
    mailbox: INBOX.Spedite
    separatorChar: .
    utf7EncodedMailboxName: INBOX.Spedite
    Timeout waiting to read socket or accept connection
    timeoutMs: 60000
    Timed out waiting for incoming SSL/TLS messages.
    timeoutMs: 60000
    Failed to read SSL/TLS application messages.
    Failed to receive remainder of IMAP response.
    Failed to get complete reponse after appending MIME.


This uses an old old old version of Chilkat. Always test first with the latest version to see whether the problem remains, or if it manifests differently.


This is not an official support channel. Your license was purchased in 2008, and support expired in 2009. Chilkat is very busy helping customers in support, and producing new features and new products for existing customers -- typically at no extra cost because the Bundle includes all new updates AND new products released within 1YR. Chilkat cannot spend time with customers out-of-support for 8 years, especially for a timeout issue with a particular server.