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Link errors mobile VC++ libs

Jan 04 '16 at 11:04

I am trying to compile a mobile device application in visual studio 2008 sp1 using the Mobile VC++ libs and getting link errors using the newest Mobile VC libs, Using either CKSocket or CKZip Objects (I'm sure it will happen for any other objects as well) can someone please tell me what I need to link or do to fix these link errors. FYI I am also linking crypt32.lib and ws2.lib in my project. The link errors are:

Chilkat_PPC_M5.lib(Entropy.obj) : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: static unsigned long cdecl PsdkWin32::acquireContext(void)" (?acquireContext@PsdkWin32@@SAKXZ) referenced in function "public: static bool cdecl _ckEntropy::getEntropy(int,bool,unsigned char *,class LogBase &)" (?getEntropy@_ckEntropy@@SA_NH_NPAEAAVLogBase@@@Z) 1>Chilkat_PPC_M5.lib(_ckSemaphore.obj) : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol CreateSemaphoreA referenced in function "private: bool __cdecl _ckSemaphore::initSemaphore(int,class LogBase &)" (?initSemaphore@_ckSemaphore@@AAA_NHAAVLogBase@@@Z)


Thanks! The new build just uploaded to here should resolve the problem: