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Where is PutFile2 for CkFtp2?

Sep 25 '12 at 00:09

Hello !

I recently upgraded my CkFtp2 libraries to the latest for Microsoft Visual C++ 2005.

I am using the static libraries in 32bit and 64bit.

I decided to convert from CkFtp2 to CkFtp2W so that I could just pass my CString objects. It was all working wonderfully until I got to my PutFile2 method which uses progress monitoring in my applications status bar area.

Unless I am mistaken, there is no update for this method in the new CkFtp2W class. Can it please be implemented?

I look forward to your help in resolving this matter.

Kind Regards



The standard way of providing an event callback object for a Chilkat object is via the EventCallbackObject property. For example:

    CkFtpProgress * get_EventCallbackObject(void) const;
    void put_EventCallbackObject(CkFtpProgress * progress);

The only difference between the now-deprecated PutFile2 and PutFile is that PutFile2 includes an extra argument for the event callback object. For example:

    bool PutFile2(const char *localFilename,  const char *remoteFilename, CkFtpProgress &progress);
    bool PutFile(const char *localFilename,  const char *remoteFilename);

Instead of calling PutFile2, your app should instead set the callback object by calling put_EventCallbackObject, and then it may call PutFile.

The deprecated methods having the "Ck*Progress &progress" in the last argument still exist in the non-Unicode classes, but they are no longer publicly documented in the online reference documentation, and they are not included in the Objective-C or Unicode "W" versions of the API's.

In the "W" version of the API, do the same: Set the event callback object by calling put_EventCallbackObject, and then call PutFile. Once the event callback object is set, it applies to all method calls that have event callbacks.