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Dynamically Loading a 32-bit or 64-bit .NET Assembly at Runtime

Jan 15 '16 at 09:09

The Chilkat .NET assembly is a mixed-mode assembly, meaning that it exposes a managed API, but the inner core is native. Therefore, as for any DLL, a 32-bit process must load a 32-bit DLL, and a 64-bit process must load a 64-bit DLL.

On a 32-bit system, there is never any choice and therefore this whole subject is moot.

On a 64-bit system, a 100% managed .NET app can run as either a 64-bit process or as a 32-bit process. Visual Studio projects have a setting named "Prefer 32-bit", which is by-default ON, which means the app will always run as a 32-bit process. In that case, it is the 32-bit DLL that must be loaded (always), and again this subject is moot.

I recommend this: If your app does not use more than 4GB of memory, then simply choose to run 32-bit everywhere. You have better things to do with your time. Performance is usually just as good (if not better) running 32-bit.

I also recommend this: As time goes on, it gets more and more difficult to find yourself actually running on a 32-bit system. I'm sure it's been many years since it's been possible to buy a new computer running 32-bit Windows, and Microsoft is ending support for the OS's what can run 32-bit Windows. So.. if your app will NEVER encounter a 32-bit system, and it needs more than 4GB of memory, then uncheck the "Prefer 32-bit" setting in your Visual Studio app, and ALWAYS run 64-bit. Again, you have better things to do with your time than monkeying around with additional unnecessary complexity.

If you're in the situation where you desire either 32-bit or 64-bit, then there are two solutions:

  1. Make sure the 32-bit Chilkat DLL is distributed with your app to systems where it will run 32-bit, and the 64-bit Chilkat DLL is distributed with your app to systems where it will run 64-bit. Or...
  2. Dynamically load either the 32-bit or 64-bit DLL at runtime. Here are links to two possible solutions for doing so.