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Confusion about ChilkatMail2.dll

Jan 23 '16 at 00:27

In our applications, I have inserted a reference to "ChilkatMail2.dll" for mail delivery. This is for version However, in the current download for ChilkatMail I find only one download for "ChilkatAx-9.5.0-win32.dll".

If there is no "ChilkatMail2.dll" more for version Do I have to change my VB6 project reference?


The library now has all the Chilkat* classes in a single DLL, so you need to add a reference to "Chilkat ActiveX v.9.5.0" (assuming you are using the ActiveX library) rather than ChilkatMail2.dll.


ChilkatMail2.dll was the old DLL name when the Chilkat ActiveX's were contained in multiple DLLs, with various classes contained in various DLLs. This all changed in v9.5.0.0 when the ActiveX objects/classes were consolidated into a single DLL. A version number was attached to the DLL name so that, at very infrequent points (meaning years), Chilkat will release a major new version that is not backward compatible. All the methods/properties marked deprecated will be removed. The new ActiveX will have a different name, different CLSIDs, etc. making it effectively an entirely new ActiveX -- such that the new one can coexist with the old without breaking existing apps.

This has not yet happened, but it will eventually. I realize the version is confusing. The version in the DLL (9.5.0) really indicates that it's compatible with v9.5.0.*

I realize the Chilkat versioning is poorly conceived. When Chilkat releases the major new version (as mentioned above), it will switch to a standard versioning scheme, as described here:

I do not know when this will happen, it could be in 2016, but it may be 2017.


Badly !

When I think about it I find the summary in * a * central DLL disadvantageous for the rollout to the users computer! Currently, I need a new version of ChilkatMail2 because the Punycode problem. But since there is now only a key DLL I need to test so although the subject is not currently on the existing system functionality for HTTP, FTP. Too many dependencies at once!

Can not I again have single DLL issues ? The distribution on user machines is fully automatic, it is a key DLL more of a hindrance than better.