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SSL and TLS 1.0 No Longer Acceptable for PCI Compliance

Jan 29 '16 at 08:44

I use your SFTP component within one of my VB6 applications..

Recent changes to security dictate that:-

"SSL and TLS 1.0 No Longer Acceptable for PCI Compliance".


"In short: servers and clients should disable SSL and then preferably transition everything to TLS 1.2."

My question is does your SFTP component support this ??


I can answer your questions, but first some clarification is necessary. "SFTP" is the acronym for "Secure File Transfer over SSH", and this does not use TLS (SSH is a secure channel in the same way that TLS is a secure channel). The acronym "FTPS" is for the FTP protocol over SSL/TLS.

If you are truly using SFTP (i.e. SSH), then TLS is not even in the picture.

If you are using FTPS, then the latest version (and recent versions) support TLS 1.2, and choose TLS 1.2 by default. In that case, you should update your program to use the latest version of Chilkat and the problem is solved.