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IMAP reports wrong number of attached emails with Domino

Feb 11 '16 at 03:09

I have three emails in a Domino mail folder. When I use Thunderbird I see 20, 5 and 13 ForwardedMessage.eml messages in these emails but ChilKat IMAP email.NumAttachedMessages returns 19,5 and 11 attached emails. There seems to no logic in this. Am I missing something?


There's no possible way for me to know without detailed information.

My only guess is that perhaps there are nested attached emails. For example, the TopEmail contains attached message A, and attached message A contains attached message B. Chilkat would count attached message A, but NOT attached message B. Perhaps Thunderbird is recursively descending and counting all attached messages it finds?


Does it help if I have the problematic e-mail in MIME-format? I have to ask permission to send it to you. I transformed the attached email reading to a recursive system and now most of e-mails work ok but I still have one email that won't work correctly. Btw, if I process *.mht files manually the attached e-mail is found correctly.