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Callbacks for Async Tasks for PowerBuilder (which EventID or/and object)

Feb 19 '16 at 09:28

As you have answered in some other question about Callbacks "happening" by finishing of async tasks, this should be possible for all those ActiveX languages, like PowerBuilder too. PowerBuilder has for nonvisual "objects" and even for visual "objects" 75 Event ID's which could be used, 25 are external event ID's like pbm_uonexternal01 until 25, and 50 Event ID's like pbm_vbxevent01 until 50. My question is, how can I register some desired eventId to your async callbacks, or there are some "fix" EventID's? One Example for PowerBuilder would be great (it would be great to have it added to you PowerBuilder examples).

Thank you in advance Igor Boehm