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Create Directory on Web Server via HTTP?

Sep 25 '12 at 11:19

We have been reviewing your HTTP ActiveX (VB6) component and documents on your web site. I have one question regarding the ability to upload an entire directory (folder).

For example: Folder -> C:Temp that has several files.

We would like to be able to upload (create) the Folder “Temp” on the server, then recursively upload each file. We know how to get the list of files and perform an upload in a loop etc, but how would we Upload/Create the Actual Folder “Temp”?

Would we need to use another product in conjunction? We do not want to use FTP or SFTP for firewall reasons. That being said, we could be convinced to use SFTP (definitely not FTP), but that would be a future decision.


The only way I know of to create a directory on the web server via HTTP is using WebDAV. See this here:

For a VB6 WebDAV example using Chilkat HTTP, see this: