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SSH v5 support in version

Mar 08 '16 at 01:42


I'm using version of Chilkat .NET 4 to connect to sftp. Is this version compatible with ssh v5?

Thanks, Michel.


When you say "SSH v5", what you really mean is OpenSSH v5 (i.e. version 5 of the OpenSSH software). Correct? The SSH protocol itself is v2. (there is no SSH v3, 4, or 5)

The answer is: Possibly not. As time progresses, new algorithms (ciphers, macs, key exchange, etc.) are invented, old insecure algorithms are dropped, and newer algorithms are required. The latest version of Chilkat should be compatible. Extrememly old versions of Chilkat may not be. This is why as time progresses it is good to update to newer versions at appropriate times in one's development cycle -- to avoid a future emergency when everything suddenly stops working because the external world has moved on. :-)



Thanks for the response. I will upgrade the solution with latest version.

Kind regards, Michel.