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FTP2 PutFile failes "Failed to accept PutFile data connection"

Mar 10 '16 at 11:23

After connecting to a remote host, the PutFile attempts fails with the error "Failed to accept PutFile data connection".
We've successfully used this FTP capability for some time now, but suddenly it fails.

We can reach the remote host just fine with FileZilla, and send files with no problem.

Is the error potentially due to a change at the Remote host, but effecting only the connection with Chilkat? If not what else could be causing the problem?

Accepted Answer

I did follow up with out I.T. folks and finally discovered it was the firewall. Problem resolved. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, chilkat ♦♦.


  1. Check your Windows Firewall -- it will block "unknown programs", but allow "known programs" -- which are programs where an exception has been made to allow it to get past the firewall. I would guess that FileZilla's installer is automatically adding the exception to your Windows Firewall.
  2. If FileZilla works and Chilkat does not, then it can only be that you're doing something different with Chilkat. Every possible option that FileZilla provides, Chilkat also provides. The solution is to make Chilkat do exactly the same as FileZilla.


Is this SSL?